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Sugoo.com, holding the service philosophy of customer first, is dedicated to increasing the sales volume of products for foreign companies in China mainland, seeking partners in mainland, and purchasing Chinese products and other fields. Additionally, we will provide foreign companies a whole series of internet marketing promotion solutions in order to develop the potential customers and increase profits.
China website making
Sugoo.com provides professional China website making service to those foreign companies who want to develop China markets.

The website includes columns of company profile, company news, products, and contacts, etc. (subject to further discussion). We will help companies in making a professional China website that is harmonious with company values and catered for the read habits of Chinese people.

Besides, we provide services of one-year free website maintenance ($100/year after time limit) and free server space ($50/year after time limit), and etc.

Internet marketing promotion in mainland
Electronic commerce promotion

There are over 400 thousand China buyers, wholesalers and suppliers of Sugoo.com after 7 years of development. Display the company information through characters and pictures both in simplified and traditional Chinese home page. People who visit Sugoo.com could read company information directly, which will increase the popularity and influence of a company.

Search engine optimization

Sugoo.com provides service of search engine optimization for companies in order to increase the searching rate. Our technicians will submit the company's information to several Chinese popular search engines including: Baidu.com, Google.com.hk, Sougou.com, Soso.com, Youdao.com, etc.

EDM marketing promotion

We will send the company's information through texts, pictures and some other ways periodically to related company members who have already registered in Sugoo.com. It will increase the popularity and influence of companies in China after marketing promotion.

Trade supports

Sugoo.com provides trade supports services of trade connections, match supply and buying leads, and business supports while trading between foreign and Chinese companies. Such as translation of letters and offers, marketing investigation, information exchange between two places, tracking and replies.

Furthermore, we also provide service of marketing investigation. According to the demands of foreign companies, we will offer 5 Chinese company's information one time which include company profile, products and brief research report on qualifications and honor credibility.