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  About Us
Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Limited was found by a group of engineering in lithium ion cells more than 15years,Website:http://www.powerlongbattery.com, set cells & PACK two core sections and cells ,BMS & PACK three R&D centers, 100% owned A grade cells technique, battery pack patented design and battery management technology.

Our product includes 26650 lithium ion cells, BMS , battery pack, which widely used in energy storage system ( domestic & industrial off network-grid connection, etc.), power automotives ( EVs, Logistic truck, Passenger car, etc.) and auxiliary powering application areas as well the manipulator on providing product customized program.

PLB owns state of the art production line with highly automatic operation line to meet lithium ion cell safety, consistency ,reliability performance as well as PLB sets strictly production process, quality controlled management system to minimize the risk of product before shipment.

PLB has a comprehensive 6 Sigma quality system a