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Sugoo Inc. is a professional full-service web designing company. We specialize in web designing and development, and we also place a lot of focus on marketing web sites and businesses. As we are aware that only having a great web site isn't enough。That's why we don't just create a good-looking Chinese traditional web site but also wash our hands of it. We will work with you to ensure that the web sites get outstanding results in China¬—Let Chinese people see your products!

Sugoo helps you develop Chinese market!

We want people to enjoy your Web Site, find what they want, and stick around. You catch their eye and draw them in and they know just what to do. They easily navigate through a new experience, the uniqueness of your site.

Advantages of Sugoo

1. Professional Web Designing Team: Sugoo has a team of experts with professional skills, full of experience and vitality. They have made webs for many big companies and obtained many glories;
2. Professional Translators: All the translators have many year’s relevant experience, can translate your information into Chinese professionally, accurately and correctly;
3. Traditional Chinese Cultural Methods: Sugoo has some specialized staff who are making researches on Chinese traditional culture and people’s current values, so they can grasp the main orientation of culture of the time and make proposals for web designers;
4. Advantages of Sugoo has more than 300,000 company members and 10,000,000 trade information (up to Oct.31th, 2008). The daily click reaches 500,000. If Sugoo uploads your information to its web, you will feel great satisfied with the results;
5. China SEO. Sugoo will input your information into Chinese search engines.

Design categories

Type A: All the following services shall be available with only US 199 dollars

Column Home Company Profile Products Recruitment Contact us Message Board
Control panel for website management 1) Manage product information
2) Manage company information
3) Manage message board
4) Manage recruitment
Services 1)Free domain registration(.com)
2)Not more than 50 web pages
3)Translation service(Not more than 2000 words, English→Chinese)
4)Web Space(200M)
5)Free 24 hours, seven days a week unlimited support.
6)Unlimited free updates.
Time limited 7 working days

Type B: All the following services shall be available with only US 399 dollars

Column Home Company Profile Company News Products Company Glory Recruitment Contact us Message Board
Control panel for website management 1)Manage Company News
2)Manage message board
3)Manage company information
4)Manage product information
5)Manage company glory
6)Manage recruitment
Services 1)Sugoo Pass Member service
2)Free search engine submission , we submit China Google, China Yahoo, China MSN etc., you can choose any one above)
3)Free domain registration(.com)
4)Not more than 100 web pages
5)Web Space(500M)
6)Translation service(Not more than 3000 words, English→Chinese)
7)Free 24 hours, seven days a week unlimited support.
1)Unlimited free updates.
Time limited 10-15 working days

Value added service

Value added service 1. Ads in the pages of Product , Company Directory or Business Opportunity(you can choose any of the three pages )
2. Sugoo Bidding Rank( 3 months)
3. SEO service
4. We can provide services like buying agents(If one find your products, we will help them contacting with you)

(The above services shall be available for one year except for those with special remarks. )

Please contact without any hesitation if you are discontented with above information, and we will design the website again with re-quote against your demand.


Type A: $199    Type A+Value Added Service=$399
Type B: $399    Type A+Value Added Service=$599

Flow of website making


Company Name: Dalian Sugoo Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.
Bank: Bank of Dalian
Bank Account: 802401209006324

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Company: Dalian Sugoo Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.
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