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Buying agent, selling agent
Sugoo provides buying agent and selling agent service, even if your company has no branch office in China, your company also can easily develop international trade with Chinese companies. Sugoo acts as your company’s branch office in China, saves a great deal of money and time for your company, and satisfies your company’s requirements at the very most. We provide all services for trade process, if your company needs, our professional interpreters would accompany your staff to attend all your activities in China. (We charge additional fees for evection and product sample.)
We provide the paper translation of several languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korea, Russian, English and Spanish) corresponding to 20,000 Chinese characters free of charge in one year.

Annual fees: 1,300 dollars, agency time limit: 1 year

Buying agent
Buying service process:


The detailed service information about buying agent :

  1. We will filter, match and review from Chinese companies members in Sugoo and companies of this industry in China, and select several most suitable Chinese suppliers with credibility for your company.

  2. We provide paper translation service for the whole trade process free of charge, do real time track, and convey Chinese supplier’s information to your company until the trade is over.

  3. We provide consultation service for various trade information of Chinese manufactories.

selling agent
Selling agent service process:


The detailed service information about selling agent :

  1. We translate your company’s information from English into Chinese, then make the website of English version and the corresponding website of Chinese version for your company according to your company’s profile、product description and business information etc, and publish them to Sugoo for online propaganda. 235 thousand Chinese companies members of Sugoo could learn your company’s products directly, and we help your company to manage and convey enquires in various kinds of languages.

  2. We actively use network propaganda、telephone and fax etc to recommend your company’s products to Sugoo buyers and other related Chinese companies, look for agents and wholesalers for your company. We provide the paper translation service (between Chinese and English) for the whole trade process free of charge, and do real time track, and convey Chinese buyer’s information to your company.

  3. We periodically recommend your company’s products to extensive Chinese companies by email to improve the fame and effect of your company’s products in China. And with considerate services, we could help to open the market of your products in China soon.

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