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The solar mid-high utilization temperature system is developed by Huayuan new energy Project Company who is direct by the institute of electrical engineering Chinese Academy of sciences and Tsinghua University. The equipment has simple structure, installs conveniently, and the whole service life is about 20 years. the reflector is fixed on the ground, it is could not only sufficiently resists the wind and rain ,but also has greatly reduced the cost of support construction of the reflector.

The most important thing is that the technology has breakthrough the traditional restriction that one system could control only one reflector equipment, the Fresnel line focusing system technology which we use is possible to track several hundred reflectors at the same time, focuses several hundred and thousand square meters sunlight to the light so that energy transformation part could gathers luminosity approximately 50 times than before, may with thermals of 3 or 4 hundred Celsius. The use of fresnel system changed the past situation that the tracking control system occupied the majority price of the project cost, at the same time, the core component of the thermal collector solar mid-high temperature vacuum tubes and specular reflection materials are made in china and marketing production to reduces the cost for transportation and installation.

   Both the two breakthroughs has thoroughly overcome the long-term restriction in the large-scale application of solar mid-high temperature system, offers greatly help to enforce the realization of the standardization and the industry scale operation of manufacture of solar mid-high temperature system. Huayuan new energy project Company produce the solar hot water-heater system by this technology with area of 200m2 which is suitable for most area of china and may produce 100 hot water throughout a year (temperature could also to be higher, like200, 300 used in industry).

The solar mid-high temperature system produced by Huayuan company , May widely apply to the daily drinking water, the steam, the heating, the air condition, the electricity generation, the spinning and weaving, the printing, the papermaking, the rubber, the seawater desalination, the livestock cultivation, and the food processing, ect., everywhere of life domain ,where hot water and the hot steam needed. This equipment is suitable to each aspect of to the agricultural production and the farmer lives, for example the marsh gas thermal-constant tech, the food processing, the livestock cultivation and so on, and science the restriction of region and other natural restrictions are not remarkable, the equipment can use in most countryside. Both protect the environment and reduce the energy, the solar mid-high temperature system produced by Huayuan new energy project Company plays a vital role in the construction of new socialist countryside.

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