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Suifenhe  Darui  Economic and Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2010, is a research, manufacturing, sales, construction and services as an emerging enterprise, registered capital of twenty-four million and currently employs 60 people, the main scope of production and sales of insulation materials; import and export business.
Company introduced abroad advanced of technology and device, and abroad outside wall insulation research expert common development out has has decoration effect and the nsulation effect for one of outside wall plate--excellent Nepalese plate, the products of came out, both resolved has past building outside wall insulation in the appeared of wall body cracking phenomenon, and resolved has current outside wall decoration surface suit of monotone sexual, and construction difficulty sexual and construction cycle, problem. Hang East production of building materials with advanced technology and excellent quality, production stage has won the General customer consistent high praise, heng Dong building material aspired to a better quality product, a more perfect management system to service our customers.

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