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Illuminating Ink

The illuminating pigment from the company can be mixed with several transparent inks into illuminating ink, which enables the paints to be able to emit light in darkness. It has a strong light-absorb capacity.
Illuminating ink is made from illuminating pigment, organic resin, organic solution.

Formula of Illuminating Ink

1. Select Resin
After the illuminating is put into use, the light emitting/ absorbing functions will be activated by pellets of the pigment. So preferably the resin should be colorless or transparent.

2. Select Illuminating Pigment
Select pigment according to the size of the silk screen mesh. The larger the pellets of the pigments are, the coarser the surface become. The pigment of Type B is not applicable for silk screen printing.

3. Dosage of Illuminating Pigment
Dosage generally should be 30%-50%. The dosage should be determined to the requirement for the brightness of the presswork.

4. Concocting Technics:
a) Select Receptacle: Glassware, pottery, interlining of enamel, plastic recepticle.
b) Technics of Crafts: Preferably use the high-speed mixer to formulate illuminating ink. The procedure is: put resin inside receptacle and add agent before stirring. Then add in sequence the sediment-free agent, illuminating pigment and begin to increase spinning pace.
It is strongly recommended to select ink in light of the printing feed.

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