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Origin: China Packaging: wooden case
Product Quantity: 100 Unit of Quantity: set
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The products absorb free carbon, gelatinous substance by macromolecule to reduce the cost and advance product quality. It is used for treating the unqualified turbine oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine oil. This products, which can rapidly and effectively remove the water, gas and impurities, aim at turbine oil’s nature of high water content, easy emulsifiable and high impurity content, and make the oil recover the new oil’s nature.


1.The capacities of dehydration and degas are great, and assure of eliminating kinds of gas.

2.To absorb free carbon, gelatinous substance by macromolecule to reduce the cost and       advance product quality.

3.Prolong the life of the device

4.Breaking emulsification thoroughly with high- molecule polymeric material.

5.Dewatering very effectively with once and for two steps dehydrating method. It can thoroughly clear away the liquid water, free water and 80% dissolved water.


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