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Ⅰ. About Sugoo:
Sugoo provides you with a truly international promotion, available in seven different versions, each of which is in Chinese (both simplified and traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Sugoo includes all e-commerce patterns (B2B, B2C, C2C and B2G) and is involved in commerce, exhibition and services. It's your first choice to enter the international market. Also, if using our track translation service for your international trade, you will find it such an easy thing to earn money globally. In Sugoo, you can find business opportunities from all around the world, receive inquiries from business partners, receive large quantities of orders, open your own online shop to wholesale or retail your products to individuals, etc. Want more business partners and profit? Come to Sugoo!

Ⅱ. Membership:
According to the differences between users, Sugoo membership falls into two types: Enterprise Member and Individual Member.
Enterprise members are sub-divided into the following: SugooPass Member, SugooPass Advanced Member, SugooPass VIP member, and Ordinary Member.

SugooPass Member:

SugooPass Members can enjoy all services of SugooPass Advanced Members except translation service. Though Sugoo doesn't provide translation service to SugooPass Members, they can publish their self-translated company information in any language version without limit concerning time or the number of articles. But keep in mind that your language must match Sugoo's version. Besides, Sugoo will provide a 100MB website hosting supporting 7 languages and services like information searching, advertising, search engine promotion, etc.
If you do need our translation service, we charge $3 for each piece of product information and $7 for your company's profile and contact information for a single language version.
Low price for multi-functional services. Really money-worthy!
Charges: $75/year (Free of charge now!)

SugooPass Advanced Member:
SugooPass Advanced Members enjoy translation services alongside the services available to SugooPass Members. We will translate your information (including your company's profile, products information, business opportunities, etc) into seven languages (including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish). SugooPass Advanced Members can publish an unlimited number of articles and have 50 items translated into other languages (i.e.10 pieces for each of the other five languages except your native language. Each piece should be no more than 150 words. Traditional and simplified Chinese are considered as one piece when required at the same time.) If you need more translation, the fee is $3 for each piece of information into one language and total $3X5 for five languages (free for Traditional Chinese). SugooPass Advanced Members can have their own website in seven versions of six languages. Each version features 100MB website hosting, search engine optimization, advertisements, etc. Our multifunctional, professional, open and secure service can assist you in doing international trade much more smoothly.
Charge: $230/year.

SugooPass VIP Member:
SugooPass VIP is an advanced service based on SugooPass Advanced Member, bringing more functions to it. Maximum 20,000 words translation is available (languages can be selected from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish); company and information rating priority service and multiple-channel promotion service put more advanced tools in your hand; providing a larger website and mailbox, as well as being searcheable in well-known search engines can definitely improve your reputation. Your position in the industry is easily heightened. Choose SugooPass VIP and show your social position!
Charge: $1700/year.

Ordinary Member:
Ordinary Members consist of governmental, military, government-sponsored institutions, groups, organizations, and those only publishing purchase information. Ordinary Membershipp is free on Sugoo.
If you do need our translation service, we charge $3 for each piece of product information and $7 for your company's profile and contact information for a single language version.

Individual Member:
Sugoo provides a safe, secure and convenient shopping environment using the C2C platform. Users have been consulted at every stage of development to ensure smooth and worry-free transactions. Individual members can go shopping on the site, as well as set up their own online shop. Everything is simple and most importantly free.
If you do need our translation service, we charge $3 for each piece of product information and $7 for your company's profile and contact information for a single language version.

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Ⅲ. Columns of Sugoo:
Sugoo is an international e-commerce platform, dealing with multiple e-business affairs, e.g., B2B, B2C, C2C etc. Our website is designed to help you find the information you seek conveniently.
Sugoo is available in seven versions, for instance Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. In each version, we have the same seven columns: Home, Business Opportunity, Product, Service, Online shop, Individual Trade and My Sugoo. Specific information is included in each respective column.

Home: Brings you up with sorted information from all Indexes and columns. You can find what interests you on Sugoo's Homepage and get the information with a simple click.

Business Opportunity: It is mainly focused on B2B (Business to Business), including all kinds of companies selling and purchasing information.

Product: It lists all the varieties of products, which are divided into more specific branches on sugoo.com. Good quality pictures are available. Just click on the product you need.

Service: All kinds of business information are put together here, comprehensively meeting your requirements. They consist of exhibition news, recommended agencies, advertising, logistics, consultation, planning, etc.

Online Shop: This mainly refers to various business opportunities and information about B2C (Internet-based communication and exchange between companies and individuals). Here, wholesale and retail prices can be granted by sellers to buyers, just like what would happen in the real world.

Individual Trade: This mainly refers to various business opportunities and information of C2C (Internet-based exchange between individuals). Here, individuals can register to open private online shops, sell products and also buy products from other sellers. Many bargains are available.

My Sugoo: "My Sugoo" is a complete management centre for all Sugoo members. Smart function settings are built int, like your business card, your website, and common options for publishing information. You will get satisfactory solutions here.
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Ⅳ. Register and Publish
Step 1: Register  
You should register to Sugoo if you are not a member yet. You may do as follows:
1. Click on "Login" on the top right corner of Sugo's website, after entering Sugoo's Home.
2. Click on "register" (section 02).
 a) Fill in user name and password, and confirm the service term.
 b) Fill in specific private information. The items with a * mark are compulsory.
 c) Click on "payment" to finish registering.
Step 2: Login  
Please do as follows if you are already a member:
1. Click "My Sugoo" button (top of the page) and go to the sub-page.
2. Enter your username and password, then click "Login".
Step 3: Set your account
You can configure your account after logging in. The two compulsory settings are "My company card" and "My Website". Click the two buttons and select your favorite card and website templates.
Step 4: Publish
In "My Sugoo", first, click "Publish business information", and then "Set up options for trading information". After choosing your options, please click the "Publish information" button. Fill in your information, then click "Publish". Your information can now be browsed on Sugoo. You can publish various types of information.
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Ⅴ. Browse information:
You can search information according to its column category or product category. The ways are as follows:   
1. You can see all product categories on Sugoo's Home. You can search by category or directly click all categories to view all products. Meanwhile, you can search information according to different trading types or service types, for example, sell, buy, product, service, store, individual trade, stock, company   

2. You can click the button of a first-level column or its sub-column to view related information, for example, "Online Shop " → "New Products".

3. You can enter the keyword for your search in the "Search" box, choose what category to look for in the pull-down menu, and the related page will show up.
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