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Photoluminescent Pigment 


About light-driven illuminating pigment of LuminglightIlluminating pigment of Luminglight Co. emits light by absorption of various visible lights and can be repeatedly used. The products do not contain any radiating elements and can be evenly spread as an additive among the transparent agents such as coating, ink, paint, plastics, cereal, glass, fiber to activate the emitting functions of the agents.

The pigment of the type takes on its natural color in bright places and emits different colors of lights in darkness. It can be used for emergent lighting, indication marks and embellishment. The products made from the pigment can be safely applied to both daily consumables like apparel, footwear, stationery, switch, fishing kits and the systems of transportation, military, architecture, etc.


Illuminating pigment of Luminglight Co falls into above 10 products in 6 series: PL Type

  S Type

  SP Type

  R Type, RE Type


Application fields:

Suitable for various kinds of transparent medium, such as paint, screen printing, plastic, glass, coating, powder coating, ink, enamel, ceramic and fiber.


Indication position: can be applied in switch of home appliance, control board, plug, lock, electric torch, stairway, fire protection facility, fire alarm, lifesaving tools etc.

Safety fields: show safety indication effect in fields as below:signs, warning items writing, emergency passenger way, subway station, underground passage, blindage project, hospital, dancing hall, video room, refuge shelter, helmet, bicycle etc.

Building:can be applied in building wall, tiles, inside surface of elevator, bridge, roads, sea ports etc. both decoration and application value has been achieved.

Others: arts and crafts, amber, sand crystal, glass, painting works; toys: plastic toys and piece together pictures; clothing: shoes, caps, working uniform, helmet, transfer pictures, printing graph clothing; calendar, fishing tools.

Each type of lumi pigment has its optimal application condition and limits, pls. take a reference of application instruction for lumi pigment or consult technical department.

  Application notes:


Most of luming photoluminescent pigment are less soluble in water and decomposed in acid, so they can not be applied in water-base or acid-base series except specific remarks.

Mix pigment well before using in terms of its gravity.

Keep pigments in breezy, dry warehouse and make it free from humidity. Pack the rest pigment carefully after one time usage.

Metal material influence lumi pigment, so prevent pigment from touching metal material.

  Package, transportation, storage


Package: water - resistant plastic bag used for inside packing material, plus desiccant; carton or iron drug used for outer packing; other packing material available as per customers?? requirements.

Transportation: Avoid mechanical hitting, insolation or rain drenching, keep the package in good condition.

Storage: keep goods in breezy and dry warehouse, free from humidity.


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