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Time of Issue: Oct. 21, 2009 9:14:21
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National Cultural Information Resource Sharing Project-2

Standard-definition one-way push culture sharing terminal

Practical, simple and convenient solution

Fully supports DVB-C standard

Supports Digital TV Tuner

Supports text message or telephone on-demand download

Supports advanced audio or video on-demand

Built-in Cable Modem, supports Internet access

Built-in 160G hard disk, mass memory of audio or video information

Upbeat simplicity appearance

OSD design, easy to understand

Supports video format: PAL/NTSC

Reserves CA Interface to give full consideration to future value-added service

Low power consumption, energy-concervation and environment-protection


National Cultural Information Resource Sharing Project opened up a brand-new cultural transmission channel without the restriction of area, time and space; it was an important project which would exert far reaching influence on the inherit and develop of the splendid culture of Chinese Nation and on the implementation strategy of “develop the country through science and education”, “run the country with morality”; as a national major project which would benefit people , National Cultural Information Resource Sharing Project achieved complete success in the popularization of pilot project in Liaoning Province on June 10th,2009.

As the unique terminal supplier of “National Cultural Information Sharing Project –Tieling platform “, China Hualu Group Co., Ltd. gained the approvals of National Ministries and commissions as well as provincial and municipal leaders, such as CCNT, Propaganda Department, the State Administration of Radio and so on. It firstly applied the cultural information transmission technology base on cable TV network, broke the past numerous restricted modes, and took advantage of the universality of cable TV network, thus truly achieved the target of state projects ---“cultural transmission to the person, cultural transmission to the family” and satisfied the requirements on culture life of the broad masses of rural people.

For different customers, China Hualu Group Co., Ltd. promoted series of household terminal products with PUSH VOD, PUSH VOD+PVR-C as well as two-way interactive VOD mode

Further more, China Hualu Group Co., Ltd. also promoted rural culture station, make full use of CHINA RFTCOM and Internet technology; set up community center with high definition receiving terminal, high definition projection apparatus and digital home theater etc., thus relatively complemented with home terminal, and finally achieve the seamless coverage result of ” Cultural Information Resource Sharing”.


Implemented and to be implemented cases

National Cultural Information Sharing Project –Tieling platform, two-way interaction mode

National Cultural Information Sharing Project –Liaoning platform, one-way push mode

National Cultural Information Sharing Project –Dalian platform, one-way push+PVR-C mode

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