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China Travel—Romantic Dalian

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In brief Unlike the heavily touristy areas in China (i.e. Beijing, Xi'an, and Hangzhou), that contain numerous palaces, temples and museums, and that emphasize their long history and rich culture, Dalian offers you a totally different experience. Dalian is a place where you can find natural scenes of stunning beauty, amiable climate, stylish architecture, comfortable beaches and summer tourist resorts. The gardens and circuses everywhere are good decorations of the city. Along the southern coast, a road like a jade ribbon runs among the mountains and along the sea, threading through the scenic spots of Bangchui Island, Tiger Beach, Fujia Village, Baiyunshan Park, and Xinghai Park. To the southwest of the city, there are worldly famous Lushunkou. Taiyanggou (Sun Valley), and Baiyu Mount (White Jade Mount) and natural wonders such as the Snake Island and the Sea Cat Island. To the north of the city, there is the Golden Pebble Beach Holiday Resort, where one can see typical sea-corroded landscape and landform of coastal cast, and the Almighty''s master piece----the unique "turtle-shell rocks." In Dalian there is also the Bingyu Valley''s scenery attractions in the north of the Zhuanghe city, which boasts soothing green mountains and clear rivers. "Fashion City", "Soccer City", "Home of Track and Field", "City of Romance"... among Dalian's colorful monikers, approvals from two generations of China's top leaders are worthy of notice: at the end of the 1980s, Mr. Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China's reforming & opening-up Policy, gave Dalian the epigraph as "the window of the Northeast" and in 1999, President Jiang Zemin said of Dalian, a "bright pearl shines over the North". Dalian, a young city, Dalian, a great city, Dalian, is even a hopeful city, Dalian, nestles upon fresh green mountains, and links with deep-blue sea; Dalianese, bearing the amicability of the mountain and hospitality from the sea, open their arms, to embrace your coming. Dalian welcomes you! History 500 million years ago Was an area of shallow ocean 0.2 million years ago The land takes shape gradually 6000 years ago Human civilization began 3000 years ago Entered into the Bronze Age …… 1894 Sino-Japanese War broke out, the Eastern Liaodong Peninsula fell to the Japanese 1895 Qing government won the peninsula back 1898 Tsarist Russia Leased Dalian Bay and Lushunkou 1899 Tsar Nicholas II developed a plan to build a commercial harbor in Dalian, Dalian was officially founded 1903 An European style city taking today's Zhongshan Square ("Nicholas Square" then) as the center formed 1904 Russo-Japanese War was on 1905 Tsarist Russia transferred its concession over Eastern Liaodong Peninsula to Japan. 1945 Japan surrendered, Soviet army was sent to Dalian in garrison; municipal governments of Lushun, Dalian were founded 1950 Lushun and Dalian were united into one Luda City. 1955 Soviet army withdrew 1981 Luda changed its name to Dalian 1984 Was granted status as an open coastal city by China's central government 1985 Submitted to the central government and had approved its plan for independent developing 1994 Enjoyed the vice-provincial level of economic decision-making authority 1999 City centennial Area: 12, 574 km2 Population: 5,546,000 (by the end of 2001) Major Ethnicities: Han, Man, Mongol, Korean Area Code: 0411 P.C.: 116000-116500 Time Zone: GMT/UTC +8 Int'l Sister Cities of Dalian Vancouver, Canada Bramen Land, Germany Glasgow, Scotland Inchon, South Korea Kitakyushu, Japan Le Harve, France Oakland, U.S. Rostock, Germany Houston, U.S. Maizuru, Japan Vladivostok, Russia Pointe-Noire Congo
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