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The advantages of Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone(2)

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Source:   Publishing Date: 2014-6-7 7:53:52
Favorable Investment Environment 1. The development pattern of “One Belt Connects Multi-Parks” along the Lushun south road software belt The Lushun South Road Software Industrial Belt stretches approximately 30 km and covers an industrial area of 133 km².It starts from Dalian Software Park, goes through Qixianling Modern Service Industry Core Functional Zone, Lingshuiwan Software Business Zone, Animation Corridor, Hekou International Software Park, Huangnichuan Tiandi Software Hub and ends in Longtou International Software Park. World First-class software and service outsourcing base l One of the first “China National Software Industrial Bases” l One of the first “China National Software Export Bases” l The first “China National Software Copyright Protection Demonstration City”” l The first “China Service Outsourcing Base City” l The Exclusive “Software Industry Internationalization Demonstration City” l The Exclusive Animation Game Industrial Base of Dual Titles—“China National Animation Games Industry Revitalization Base” and “China National Animation Industry Base” Development Goal: The Best in China, The Best in the World l By 2012 the number of software enterprises located in Lushun South Road Software Industrial Belt will have been 2,000, among which at least 5 will have recruited over 10,000 employees, at least 10 enterprises of over 5,000 employees and more than 50 enterprises of over 1,000 employees. The total employed IT personnel will be over 200,000 persons and the annual sales revenue is anticipated to be over RMB 70 billion. l By 2017 the number of IT employees is estimated to exceed 450,000, with annual sales revenue of over RMB 200 billion. By then, Lushun South Road Software Industrial Zone will have been the World First Class Software Industrial Base in China, featuring with the highest concentration, the largest scale and the best facilities. It will still be the leading innovation pace in Dalian, and it will become the internationalized green Silicon Valley in China. 2. Qixianling Modern Service Industry Core Functional Zone Natural environment: the Social Community of Qixianling Core Functional Zone is located in eastern part of Qixianling, Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone. It borders on the mountain Mopanshan to the north, faces the Yellow Sea to the south, neighbors with Dalian Maritime University to the east and Overseas Scholars Business Incubation Park to the west. Social environment: Qixianling is where the Administrative Committee of Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone located and it is the administrative service centre for the Industrial Zone. Qixianling is one of the earliest development areas by Dalian High-Technology Industrial Zone. Originally it was merely planed as an extension and industrial zone for the city, so the life-supporting facilities were not included. In recent years with the development of software information service industries, the new development of relocations has been carried out. Industrial enterprises have been moved, and the key industries turn to software, information service, research and design, animation games, educational training, and business incubation etc. Qixianling covers an area of 2 km² with a permanent population of 20,000, and floating population of 50,000. There are 6 institutions of higher education nearby, such as Dalian University of Technology and Dalian Maritime University etc. It is a terminal of knowledge, technology and talents, attracting young people to start their businesses. Transport Conditions:Light rail and public buses with five different routes can take you anywhere between the downtown of Dalian and Lushun District. The major urban construction projects such as subway and Binhai Road will greatly optimize the transportation conditions in Qixianling. Functional Positioning: The priority is given to the development of innovative intellectual, science and technology services industries, the development plan includes IC Design Zone, Cybereconomy Industrial Zone, Industrial Design Zone, and Business Incubator Zone etc. 3. Lingshuiwan Headquarters Base Natural Environment: Located on the southwest coast of Dalian, Lingshuiwan Headquarters Base stretches from Lingshui River on east to the Xiaoping Island on west, from Lushun South Road on north to the Yellow Sea on south. It has a total area of 4.7 km²and a coastline is 6 km. The 7 beautiful hills covered with dense vegetation in the area look like 7 distinguished men. For this reason the place was given the name of “Qixianling” (verbal translation from Chinese “Mountains of Seven Distinguished Men”) Social Environment:it neighbors with 4 institutions of higher education—Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and Dalian Ocean University, as well as the core functional zone of Dalian High–Tech Industrial Zone, Animation Industry Corridor and Lushun South Road Software Industrial Belt. There are first-class residential areas, such as “Gui Gu Jia Ri” (Holiday in Silicon Valley) and “Xue Fu Shi Jia”(Prestige Families of Knowledge). The permanent residential population is about 30,000 people, and it is planned to be a large international community of 70,000 residents. At present, “Qixian Park” is under the construction and after the completion, it will greatly improve the neighborhood environment and the image of the district. Transport Conditions:Light rail and public buses with five different routes can take you anywhere in the downtown of Dalian and Lushun District. The major urban construction projects that are under planning or construction such as subway and Binhai Road will greatly optimize the transportation conditions in Qixianling. Functional Positioning: The implementation of the renovation project of the Lingshuiwan Zone and sanatorium district which located in southern part of the Qixianling Zone was positioned as “headquarter base”. After the completion of the construction it will have the configuration “three-bay interaction (Xinghai Bay, Lingshui Bay and Hekou Bay) and dislocation development”. This will help to turn the district into a new headquarter base with the following functions: the research and development design, culture and innovation, financial services, business exhibition, commercial and residential tourism, etc. It will become the Chinese “Coastal Silicon Valley” and Dalian IBD (Intellectual Business District). After renovation, apart from harbor’s view apartments, seashore townhouses, seaside villas and Seascape office buildings, there will also be a yacht harbor that can accommodate 1000 yachts, parks along the coast, walking paths in mountains and forests, a five-star hotel, a first-class sanatorium, a plaza of 100,000 m², hospitals and schools etc. Thus it will be a high-end modern and international coastal community which harmoniously combines mountains and sea, technology and culture, nature and community in one place. 4. Dalian Software Park Dalian Software Park is a new development model of “Privately owned, Supported by the Government”, located in the Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone. It was founded in 1998 and DLSP (Dalian Software Park Co., Ltd) has been in charge of construction and operation. The first phase of the project occupied an area of about 3 km², it is located in the central area of education, science, research, culture and technology by Xinghai Bay which is placed in southwest of Dalian. It is nowadays the best operation of ITO/BPO base featuring with internationalization, specialization of producing, studying and researching, and large scales. Meanwhile, it has established an internationalized modern town of science and technology well integrating work, education, life and business. Dalian Software Park was confirmed by the relevant state departments the titles of China Software Industrial Base of National Torch Program, China National Software Industrial Base, Software Internationalization Demonstration City, China Software Export Base and China Software Export (Europe and America) Experiment Base. In 2006 Dalian was acknowledged China Service Outsourcing Base City jointly by the Ministry of Commerce and the then Ministry of Information Industry. Dalian Software Park was the first park being awarded the title of China Service Outsourcing Base City Demonstration Area. In 2009, besides the two honors of China Sourcing Outstanding Industrial Park and China Software and Service Outsourcing Outstanding Industrial Park, it also won the Golden Prize of UNEP’s LivCom Competition. By the end of the 2009, over 500 companies have resided in Dalian Software Park, and 41% of the companies are foreign invested enterprises. 37 companies are in the list of World Fortune 500, including IBM, HP, Accenture, Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, NTT, Oracle, AVAYA, NEC, Fidelity, and BT etc. In 2009 the sales revenue of Dalian Software Park reached RMB 20.2 billion, and export volume valued RMB 860 million. Being the key function of Dalian software and information service industry, Dalian Software Park is moving forward on the track of being the service outsourcing center for Northeast Asia. 5. Animation Corridor Currently there are 132 animation enterprises with over 3,000 practitioners. The companies are mainly placed in Animation Corridor that stretches 4 km from Xueyuan Square on east to Hekou Bay on west. The building area is approximately 300,000 m². l The annual production of animation cartoon is more than 8,000 minutes. l The main industrial chain consisting of animation production, online games, commercial production, and personnel training has been formed. l The only Dual Awards winner of National Animation Industry Base and National Animation Games Industry Revitalization Base 6. Hekou International Software Park Natural Environment: Hekou International Software Park borders with the core area of Qixianling on the east, the sea on the south, green mountains on the north and the land lot of Dalian Tiandi Software Hub. It is a place of beautiful environment and enchanting sceneries. Social Environment: In Hekou International Software Park, the first phase of Ascendas Software Park (the total building area is over 600,000 m²) and NEUSoft Software Park (the total building area is 400,000 m²)has been put into utilization. Approximately 5,000 practitioners of software and information service have already settled, and it is expected that within 3 to 5 years, the employees will be over 50,000 persons. Some new projects are now under construction, e.g. Shengdao Coast developed by Dalian Anda Group and Dalian New Tiandi developed by Hong Kong Rui-On Land. It can be foreseen that 100,000 white collars will gather here who ensure a broad value space for future development and upgrading. Transport Conditions:Light rail and city buses of 5 different routes can take you to anywhere in the downtown of Dalian or Lushun within 20 minutes. The project is located on the joining hub of No.1 Subway and the new Binhai Road that are planned by the local government. When the constructions are completed in 2012, this area will enjoy a more convenient transportation service. Functional Positioning: Taking into account the experience of construction of the amusement and leisure space like the Shanghai Fashion district “Shanghai Xintiandi”, implemented by the “Rui-On Land”, that has excellent abilities of capturing new international fashion trends, Hekou Bay is also planned to turn into International Fashion District, that will tell the world about Dalian’s nature, culture, fashion and beauty. With its new and old architecture implicitly narrating the history and culture of the city, with its romantic coastal atmosphere, Hekou Bay will become the landmark of Dalian tourism. Large-scale commercial complexes are planned to be erected, which will include shopping plazas, international brand boutiques, first-class international office buildings, 5-star hotels and luxurious apartments. This will instantly increase the amenities of the life in Hekou Bay. At the same time the project will be harmoniously integrated into original ecological surroundings that will allow the place to become the best residential community enjoying pleasant and friendly atmosphere, thereby Dalian’s fame and beauty will be able to compete with other world’s metropolises. 7. Huangnichuan Tiandi Software Park Natural Environment: Huangnichuan Tiandi Software Hub is located in the centre of the Lushun South Road Software Industrial Belt. It continuously stretches for 12.5 km, total area is 26.5 km², building area is 3,540,000 m². It consists of 4 districts:Hekou Bay, Huangnichuan, Sichagou and Nanhaitou. Social Environment:According to the construction plan, Huangnichuan Tiandi Software Hub will integrate the residential and working environment, excellent ecological surroundings. It can provide 50,000 – 100,000 employees with working positions and it will become the largest Software Industrial Base in China. Nowadays all basic auxiliary projects are progressing smoothly. The construction of two 5-storey office buildings with the total area of 60,000 m², built on the land area of 2 km² has completed. According to the plan, the interior fit-out work of the three engineers’ apartment buildings located to the north of the industrial building will be completed by the end of 2009, it will be put into use in Mid-2010; Training Base for IT Personnel located to the west of the industrial building is planned to be built; Dalian Anbo Educational Training Base is planned to be erected to the east from the industrial building. Transport Conditions:Lushun South Road passes through the district and creates favorable transport conditions. It takes 10 minutes to get to the city centre and 20 minutes to get to the airport. According to the Dalian urban planning, the express rail through the zone will also be built. Functional Positioning: The prior development of the Huangnichuan Tiandi Software Hub include BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), call centre, education and training, the establishment of the BPO Park, ITO Park (Information Technology Outsourcing Park), industrial park of call centre and built-in product development park, multimedia industrial park, etc. It will incorporate ecological, productive and social sectors to become world-famous park offering complete services and representing advanced development level of China Information and Software Industry. It will also become the largest Model Software Industry Complex Park of Software and Service Outsourcing Base in China. 8. Yinggeshi Software Park Natural Environment: Yinggeshi Software Park is located in the western part of the Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone, the total area is 39.2 km². The Park borders with the Forest Park on the East, facing the Longtou Industrial Park across the mountain on the west, neighbors the Lushun South Road on the South and Lushun Middle Road on the North. Social Environment:Yinggeshi Software Park neighbors the Dalian University of Communications, Dalian Medical University, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Dalian Institute of Commerce and Trade and other higher educational institutions. 800,000 m² high-class residential area is planned to be built here. There are Haichang Forest Physical Training Park, Golf Course, Hot-spring Spa Resorts, villas and other first-rate holiday and resort facilities. Transport Conditions:Lushun Middle Road crosses the park in its northern part and connects the Park to the Longtou Industrial Park. Lushun South Road crosses the park in its southern part. It takes 20 minutes to get to the urban area and 30 minutes to the airport by public transportation. According to the Dalian urban planning, the express rail will be built, Lingchuan Road will be prolonged. Thus the Park will become a key link connecting Lushun District and the urban area of Dalian. Functional Positioning:Yinggeshi Software Park is environmentally friendly industrial park, which main priorities are environmentally-friendly high technology software industry and tourism industry, scientific research and education industry. In accordance with the principles of modernization, internationalization, characterization and ecological protection, supported by the two college towns in Lingshui and Lushun, the main development areas are software and intellectual information services, higher education and relevant training, with appropriate development of tourism industry, we are dedicated to create a new coastal software industrial park that would be able to compete with the American Silicon Valley in terms of nature, ecology, and human resources. The area of the park is allocated as following: industrial site - 1,797,200 m², commercial and residential buildings–76,100 m², public facilities – 488,600 m², commercial and financial sites – 224,200 m², and parks – 161,200 m². 9. Longtou Science and Technology Park Natural Environment: Longtou Science and Technology Park is located in Longtou town. At the very beginning of its construction the land area of the park was 4 km². It neighbors the Xiaogushan State Forest Park on the east, the Lushunkou district government on the west, green mountains on the north, and the Yellow Sea on the South. The place can boast of its beautiful natural environment, attractive scenery. It is a really treasured land with good geomantic omens (Chinese traditional “fengshui”). Social Environment: There are Lushun Longyanquan Park, Dongjiguanshan Forest Park( ruins of the Japanese-Russian war), Xiaogushan State Forest Park and other National Scenic Spots in the vicinity of the park. Thus the Longtou Science and Technology Park has exceptional natural environment. Guoshui Road that crosses the Lushunkou administrative district from the east to the west can take you to the Lushun central district (permanent population is about 210000 people, the district has its own administrative, financial, commercial, educational and other community resources), Yangtouwa Harbour and Tahe Bay College town (nowadays there are Dalian Medical University, Dalian University of Foreign Languages and other institutions of higher education; currently there are about 20,000 students, faculty and staff living in the town currently). The newly developed high-class community “Blue Bay New Town” is on the other side of the mountain. Transport Conditions:Guoshui Road of the Lushunkou District connects the park with Lushun South Road on the South, Lushun Middle Road and Lushun North Road on the West. It is only about 5 km away from the Lushunkou district, and about 35 km away from the Dalian railway station. The construction of the Tuyang highway has already completed, the light rail is under construction. Both of the freeway and light rail passes through the park, which formed a perfect regional traffic network. Functional Positioning: Longtou Science and Technology Park is located in the mountainous zone with excellent natural resources, and beautiful landscape. In the plan of the park, the characters of the natural environment have been taken into consideration, nature and city space have been harmoniously combined. With the help of integration of different functional zones, brand new space system and space frameworks were created. By means of integrating software and information services, research and development design andbusiness incubation, we will turn Longtou Park into an International Science and Technology Park and Intellectual Social Community.
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