Brief Introduction | Agent's Responsibilities | Agent's Rights | Qualifications | Application | Commission | Important Notes

· Brief Introduction:
Sugoo website advertising and promotion.

· Agent's Responsibilities:
1. Popularize and promote Sugoo Website.
2. Guide the customers to join and use Sugoo website, and offer essential support.
3. Uphold Sugoo's positive image in the local area.
4. Provide Sugoo with market information and customers' feedback in due time.
5. Cooperate with Sugoo on various activities in the local area.
6. Strictly abide by "Agent Activities Instruction". (Please contact us if you are willing to cooperate with Sugoo.)
  · Agent's Rights:
1. Sugoo will provide necessary information about the market, e-commerce and customers as well as business and technical support.
2. Agents can participate in the various meetings and commercial activities held by Sugoo in the local area.
3. Agents can withdraw an agent commission monthly according to "Agent Activities Instruction".

· Qualifications:
1. Sugoo's agents should bide by the laws, decrees and relevant regulations of the People's Republic of China.
2. All citizens with complete civil capacity and all enterprises within legal capacity have the right to apply for an agent position.
3. Sugoo's agents should possess convenient online communication tools and necessary equipment and have legal rights and experience of website promotion.
4. Sugoo's agents should be confident of Sugoo, and willing to try your best to promote Sugoo. Accept willingly Sugoo's auditing, monitoring and guidance.
5. Sugoo's agents should accept all items in "Sugoo Agential Contract" and "Agent Activities Instruction".
6. Sugoo's agents are prohibited to do any agential activities for any other e-commerce website.
7. Sugoo's agents should keep secret the come-and-go information with Sugoo and mustn't tell any persons or organizations.

· Application:
1. Applicants should fax to us their legal identity authentications (including the ID card, business license, detailed contact information, etc.) and get from us "Temporary Agent Authentication", "Agential No." and "Agent Activities Instruction".
2. An temporary agent has to achieve one of the followings before becoming an agent to get the "Agent Qualification Authentication" and enjoy agents' rights.
1). Has over 10 paid members.
2). Has his own promotion channel to promote Sugoo's service and achieve good effect.
3). Makes important contributions to Sugoo's promotion.

· Commission:
Welcome to contact us if you want to be Sugoo's agent.
· Important Notes:
1. An agent cannot carry out the payment transaction directly with the customer since it is processed through the Sugoo official account only.Upon the finding of a violation, Sugoo shall cancel the agent's qualification immediately and investigate legal liability.
2. All fee-charging items are carried out according to the "Sugoo Service Fee" and are strictly forbidden to be changed by agents. Upon the finding of a violation, Sugoo shall cancel the agent's qualification immediately and investigate Legal Liability.
3. Agents shall bring forth their "Temporary Agent Authentication" or agent's "Qualification Authentication Certificate", and "Sugoo Service Fee" before negotiating with a customer.
4. Sugoo will irregularly verify an agent's identity and business development, and withdraw any trespassing agent's qualification.