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Please read this document carefully

The worldwide domain name of our website is The English name of our website is Sugoo. Our website name is a registered trademark in China, all related rights are held.

Users must read all materials on the web pages and web sites mentioned in this agreement. This is because such web pages and web sites may contain some further terms and conditions applicable to some users.

The Agreement includes the text as well as various regulations, both those already issued and any new regulations that may be issued from time to time. All such regulations are part of this agreement and inseparable from it, possessing the same legal validity as this text.

The two parties of this Agreement are Sugoo and its users. The Agreement has effect of a contract.

The "governing law" in this Agreement includes all the legal documents (laws, regulations, etc.) enacted by the government of the People's Republic of China.

The term "service" used in this agreement refers to all of the various services provided by Sugoo to all of its various types of users.

1. General

1.1 Acceptance of the Sugoo service Agreement

After reading, Users must choose to accept or decline this agreement, including all the materials on other web pages and web sites mentioned herein. In order to complete your registration and become a member of this web site you must accept this agreement.

Sugoo may amend this Agreement from time to time and post the amended Agreement on Sugoo at least two working days prior to its coming into effect. If you are not satisfied with the amended agreement, you must immediately discontinue your use of the "Service". Your continued use of the "Service" shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the amended Agreement.

1.2 User Eligibility

A User must be a real person possessing complete civil capacity or an organization possessing appropriate qualifications under law.

A person who does not have civil capacity or who has limited civil capacity may not register as a user of this web site.

Any user, who, engaging in business, exceeds his capacity for civil rights or civil conduct, invalidates the agreement between the User and the web site from the very beginning. Whereafter, the User will assume full responsibility for the consequences.

This web site will not provide services to those members whose qualification to use the service is temporarily or permanently suspended.

1.3 Charge

The fee regulations of this web site, which are mentioned and included in this Agreement, can be found at

Sugoo may amend the fee regulations as well as the service fees from time to time and post the amended Agreement on Sugoo at least two working days before it comes into effect.

Sugoo may choose to temporarily alter the fee regulations as well as the service fees on account of sales promotions. These alterations come into effect as soon as Sugoo announces the start of the sales promotion.

Sugoo reserves the right to alter some or all of its services according to circumstances at any time. Whenever Sugoo introduces new services, the charges for these new services shall be effective from the time they are announced on Sugoo.

All charges are quoted in USD except where otherwise stated.

Each user shall be responsible for the payment of all charges and taxes incurred by using Sugoo. Each user shall pay all charges and taxes incurred through conducting business, obtaining the paid service and contacting the web server, as well as all expenses related to hardware, software, service and other aspects of using Sugoo.

Users are forbidden to incorporate Sugoo fees into their own product's "Sales Terms" or to demand from other customers to pay Sugoo fees. However, users may take Sugoo's charges into account when setting the prices for their products.

1.4 Privacy Policy

Users' personal information is transmitted to certain financial authentication systems whenever users make credit card, debit card or other electronic payments. This information is secure and cannot be intercepted by others.

Although Sugoo uses industry standard methods to protect users' privacy, Sugoo cannot guarantee (and users should not expect) that users' personal data and private communications will not be intercepted by others, either at present or in the future.

1.5 Transactions between buyers and suppliers

1.5.1 Sugoo has the right to withdraw the Agreement and restrict a product's order quantity if apparent mistakes in the product List are discovered, or in the case of a shortage of goods.

1.5.2 The price and condition of goods on this Site are to be indicated together with the goods themselves. Sugoo may, without notice, alter this information at any time. (We always try to ensure the given information accurate.) If, however, an unexpected situation arises, for example the price of a product changes after confirmation of your order, Sugoo will notify you by email, giving you the option to cancel your order if it has not already been cancelled on Sugoo.

1.5.3 Sugoo's online shopping system will send products to the address you select. All processing and delivery times Listed on Sugoo are estimates. We will make every effort to ensure that actual transportation times are minimized.

1.5.4 Transaction process Product descriptions refer to the words and pictures users post on Sugoo to describe their products. These product descriptions should focus on the goods you want to sell or the goods you want to buy. Users can publish one type of product description or two types of product descriptions simultaneously. Sugoo is not responsible for the accuracy or content of product descriptions. Trade negotiations. All parties shall use Sugoo to negotiate and agree on any product's price. All sides, after accepting the quotation, will be obligated to complete the transaction. Dealing with trade disputes. Sugoo cannot and will not become involved in trade between parties. If you or your company has a dispute with one or more users, Sugoo will not assume any responsibility, but can assist by providing you or your company with the trading data relating to both parties. (However, you must provide us with authentication of your authority; otherwise, we are not entitled to provide such data.)

1.5.5 Transaction system It is forbidden to manipulate trade. Each user must not assist his partners (clients or third parties) by manipulating the result of a business negotiation with another party. System Security. Users are forbidden to use any device, software or routines to interrupt or attempt to interrupt our website's proper functioning or any transactions on our website. Users are forbidden to impose any unreasonably or disproportionately large loads on our website's network. Feedback. Users are forbidden to undertake any activities which may damage the integrity of the information feedback system, for example, the use of a second registration ID or a third party's membership ID to give favorable feedback to yourself or negative feedback to others; or to give negative feedback to other users when they do not perform some activities which are beyond the scope of their business.

1.6 Clauses of return and exchange of goods

1.6.1 This clause is made by our website in accordance with "The People's Republic of China Product Quality Law", "The People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law", and the related "Regulations of Replacement and Refund of Substandard Products". Users who conduct business on this Site and want to exchange or return goods should abide by this clause.

1.6.2 As soon as you receive goods, please check carefully that the delivered goods are exactly the same as written on the delivery receipt. If there is a discrepancy, please first check the order form to see if the discrepancy is due to your mistakenly ordering goods which differ from those you intended to order. If such problems as shortage of goods, inaccurate distribution or damaged packaging occur, you should immediately inform our distributors and they will deal with these problems, whereafter we will not be held responsible for these problems.

1.6.3 If the received products are found to be of poor quality, users should, within the validity period, contact the customer service centre by telephone or email and inform them of the order number as well as the reason for the return or exchange.

Users should keep product attachments such as external packaging, spare parts, instructions, guarantees, invoices, etc...

Warning: Fresh flowers and cosmetics cannot be returned after the recipient has confirmed reception of the delivery.

1.6.4 Consumers may demand return of goods in the following cases: Within three days of receiving the product, the consumer has not used the product and it is still in its original packaging and seal. Within seven days of receiving the product, the consumer finds the product to be of poor quality. If product is still within its guarantee period and satisfies the conditions for exchange, and Sugoo does not have the same product specification and the consumer does not wish to exchange the product for one of another type or size.

1.6.5 Consumers may demand exchange of products in the following cases: Within three days of receiving the product, the consumer has not used the product and it is still in its original packaging and seal. Within fifteen days of receiving the product, the consumer finds the product to be of poor quality. The product is still within its guarantee period, and after having been repaired twice is still unusable. In this case, a repair note and certificate from the repairer must be provided.

1.6.6 Responsibility for transportation and other expenses incurred by the return or exchange of products The consumer is responsible for expenses in the following cases:

(a) Within three days of receiving the product, the consumer has not used the product.

(b) The consumer sends the products to us by post or by other means before contacting our customer service centre.

(c) The consumer delivers the product to us by post or other means again because of incomplete attachments, such as packaging, etc on the first time. We are responsible for the expenses in the following cases:

(a) Within seven days of receiving the product, the consumer demands to return it because the product is found to be of poor quality.

(b) Within fifteen days of receiving the product, the consumer demands to exchange the product because the original product is found to be of poor quality.

(c) After having been repaired twice, the product is still unusable and the consumer demands to exchange it.

(d) The product is still within the guarantee period, and after having been repaired twice is still unusable, the consumer demands to return the product because he/she is unwilling to exchange it for a product of a different type or size.

1.6.7 Our website does not allow return of products in the following cases: Problems with the product are caused by improper or inappropriate use. The product is kept in or exposed to an unsuitable environment. The product is subjected to unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, accident, modification or improper installation. Force majeure. The product is damaged by food or liquid spills. The product suffers natural wear and tear. Consumers do not contact the customer service centre before return or exchange of the product. Packaging or other attachments of the returned product are damaged or incomplete. The product's guarantee period has expired. Products are not provided by our website.

1.6.8 Others Due to technological limitations, Sugoo cannot guarantee that the color of a product displayed on a user's computer screen will exactly match the product's actual color. Users wishing to return or exchange a product should send the product along with its attachments (packaging, spare parts, specifications, guarantee, invoice, etc.) as well as the delivery note to Sugoo. The address is:

Customer Services

Room 2401

Yuanda Building, B Tower

19 Duli Street, Zhongshan District

Dalian City

116001 Liaoning Province

P. R. China

Please write on the delivery note the reason you are returning the goods, or otherwise enclose a letter stating your reasons along with your name, address, email address and order number. Please abide by specified return and exchange regulations for related products, if any. Sugoo is only responsible for returning or exchanging products of our own company, not for products of affiliated companies. Sugoo has the final say in the implementation of these regulations.

2. Rights and obligations of users

2.1 User Rights

2.1.1 Each user has the right to log in to Sugoo at any time, using his own username and password and to verify or change his personal identity information.

2.1.2 Each user has the right to use the services specified in the Sugoo Service Agreement. Sugoo has five types of membership: SugooPass Member, SugooPass Advanced Member, SugooPass VIP Member, Individual Member and Ordinary Member.

The following services are available to Sugoo members: general services in multiple languages, member homepage, member e-mail, information publishing, information translation, custom services and other services. Click Here for details.

2.1.3 Sugoo is liable for mediating conflicts or disputes which occur during exchanges between users of Sugoo. When finding that other users have infringed or violated the Service Agreement, or when a user has issued a lawsuit against another, users have the right to ask our website to provide relevant information. This information must be provided in accordance with law and with the approval of the Ministry of Justice.

2.2 User Obligations

2.2.1 As requested in the member information form, which can be found at, each user must give true, accurate, complete and actual information, and update such information as is necessary from time to time to maintain it as true, accurate, complete and actual.

2.2.2 Each user is liable for keeping his username and password secret and assumes responsibilities and obligations under his own username and password. Each user shall not transfer his username or password to others or allow others to use his username or password; otherwise the user will be responsible for all outcomes.

Every user has the obligation to notify Sugoo immediately upon discovering any illegal activity or that someone else is using his member ID and password or that a violation of security regulations has occurred;

Please ensure that you use the correct procedure for logging out of Sugoo.

2.2.3 Each user's data is exchanged legally on Sugoo. ("Data" includes both tangible and intangible data, as well as all types of products, rights, benefits, notes, financial securities, services and dealings that may exist. The word "data" in this Agreement refers to all of these.) A user's data shall: Not infringe any law, statute, bylaws, regulations, or other legal documents. Not include any prohibited goods or services, or cover goods or services which the user has no right to link to or include. (The prohibited goods List is a part of this Service Agreement and will be updated from time to time.) Not be false, inaccurate or misleading. Not contain any computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware or other malicious computer software that may have the effect of damaging, modifying, deleting, interfering with or misappropriating data or personal information. Not induce Sugoo to infringe any laws or regulations for which Sugoo is responsible, or to cause Sugoo to deny some or all services to other users. Not place an unreasonable or disproportionate load on Sugoo's systems infrastructure. (Sugoo will determine what constitutes such a load.) Not interfere with or try to interfere with the normal operation and activity of Sugoo. Be true, accurate, complete and up-to-date. Be verified and authenticated.

2.2.4 The following user activities are considered hostile and are prohibited: use of the "service" for sending junk mail or email spam; collection of email addresses or other information from Sugoo without notice or authorization; copying, reproducing, amending, redistribution or unauthorized display of any content from Sugoo (except for said member's data) or production of derivative works without prior written permission of Sugoo or a third party; use of the "service" to produce false email addresses, or to try to mislead others with uers' identity or information sources.

2.2.5 Each user shall make specifications for their own products and sale conditions, including words, pictures, etc, related to the products.

2.2.6 In the case that the user infringes the Service Agreement or other documents mentioned herein and included in the Service Agreement, or infringes law or the rights of a third party, who thereby claims compensation against Sugoo or its subsidiaries, filials, administration, personnel, or agents, the user shall compensate the loss to Sugoo, subsidiaries, filials, administration, personnel or agents.

2.2.7 User shall not damage deliberately the credibility or reputation of other users,enhance their own credibility or lower others' credibility by illegal means on Sugoo.

2.2.8 Sugoo shall make the announcements by e-mail or publish the announcements directly on Sugoo, so that each user can observe the latest information by email or logging into Sugoo frequently. Sugoo will consider that users have received them within 24 hours after the emails are sent out. Or Sugoo will send announcements via prepaid postage mail with the acknowledgement of receipt to the addresses provided by registered information on Sugoo, and will consider that users have received the announcements within 3 working days after the postage is paid. Sugoo will consider that the announcements have arrived on the same day they are sent via email. In this Agreement, all days except Saturday, Sunday and other public holidays are referred to be working days.

3. Rights and Obligations of Sugoo

3.1 Rights of Sugoo

3.1.1 Under the following conditions, Sugoo shall terminate the user's "Service" password, account (or any part of it) or the uses of "Service" and without announcement delete and reject the information provided by the user. The user breaches the specified obligations in 2.2.3 (from to in "User Obligations" Sugoo has reasonable grounds to believe that the provided users' information is false, inaccurate, incomplete and irrelevant. Sugoo cannot authenticate any information provided by the users. The user has not logged or re-logged into Sugoo for 180 consecutive days. The user is involved in attempts of fiscal evasion or credit exaggeration. Sugoo has reasonable grounds to believe that the information breaches the public's interests or may grievously injure Sugoo and other users' legal interest. The user registers directly or indirectly again using a new name after having been terminated by Sugoo. The user does not accept the new Service Agreement when the previous one is terminated or updated. Other situations considered important and necessary by Sugoo.

After the account has been terminated, Sugoo has no obligation to keep user's information or any related information, or transmit any unread or undelivered information to the user or a third party.

3.1.2 Each user acknowledges that published articles shall not infringe a third party's copyrights, trademark rights or any other rights. The owners of intellectual property rights can specify the infringing articles, demand the deletion of the articles, and have a limited access to some of the infringing user's information.

3.1.3 Sugoo has rights to make public the user's illegal acts on Sugoo when the national effective legal documents or decision of administrative penalty acknowledges the illegality of the acts, or when Sugoo has enough factual bases to determine that the user has acted breaching national effective legal documents, decision of administrative penalty or this Agreement.

3.1.4 The user agrees to entrust Sugoo with rights that are nonexclusive, worldwide, permanent, irrevocable and free of charge, and allowing to use, copy, emend, rewrite, issue, translate, distribute, and display the user's information or to do some related work, and make the information accessible from allover at present or in future by means of provided technologies.

3.1.5 Sugoo has rights to transfer all content of this Agreement without the users' permission.

3.1.6 Sugoo can use the users' information (without limitation of the users' profile information and other information related to users' activities on Sugoo now and before) to settle and mediate disputes, which can help to guarantee the safety of transactions on Sugoo and the execution of this Agreement. Sugoo can. from time to time, check the users' information to settle problem or investigate if there are users with several names or identical names.

3.1.7 If the user wants to cancel their ID, Sugoo will look through it and decide whether it can be cancelled. The Agreement is terminated when canceling the ID. However, after the cancellation, Sugoo reserves the following rights:

To maintain the users' registered information and former transactions record.

Sugoo still retains the right to claim its rights regulated in the Service Agreement in the case that the user was involved in illegal acts or breached the contract when using Sugoo during the period of validity of this agreement and before the account's cancellation.

3.1.8 In the cases when Sugoo interrupts or terminates the use of "Service" due to the users' breaching the law, regulations or Service Agreement, the business operations before the interruption or termination will be dealt with as follows:

If the products uploaded by a user are not in transaction or the transaction has not been completed before the Service is interrupted or terminated, Sugoo has right to interrupt or terminate the service and at the same time delete the related information of the products.

If the user has placed an offer about the specific products of another user before the Service is interrupted or terminated, but the transaction has not been completed, Sugoo has right to interrupt or terminate the Service and at the same time cancel the user's offer.

If the user has come to an agreement with another user before the Service is interrupted or terminated, Sugoo can reserve this transaction, but has rights to inform the other side of the transaction about the interruption or termination of the Service.

3.2 Obligations of Sugoo

3.2.1 Sugoo shall ensure the normal operation of the trading platform and try to facilitate trade with current technologies and upgrades.

3.2.2 Sugoo customer service center shall give prompt support and replies to the users' requests regarding registration, trade or use of the website.

3.2.3 Any user who is in dispute with another user over the trade can request Sugoo to mediate. Having looked through the case, Sugoo shall learn about the details of both parties as well as inform them of the details via E-mail. Any user filing a lawsuit with another user during their trading process on Sugoo has the right to require Sugoo to cooperate and provide related information with the consent of the Ministry of Justice in statutory procedure.

3.2.4 Different types of users will be provided with services according to the Agreement. (Click Here for details).

4. Force Majeure

Sugoo or other users are not responsible for the breach of the Agreement in the case that there is any delay or impossibility to complete the operation caused by natural disasters or other unpredictable or uncontrollable reasons.

5. Non-responsibility

5.1 Sugoo is only a platform for the users to legally supply, sell or buy any products from any location, in any way and at any time under the conditions of this Agreement. Sugoo is not involved in the actual trade between the sellers and buyers.

5.2 Sugoo does not control and is not liable for the quality, safety, accuracy, and legality of the products and information published by the users on Sugoo, or the ability of suppliers to complete a selling operation, as well as the ability of buyers to complete a purchasing operation. Sugoo does not control or approve the products and information provided by the users on Sugoo. Sugoo does not warrant the completion of the transaction by the sellers and buyers or the lawfulness of using the website.

5.3 In the case that a user has a dispute with another user or with a few other users, such user agrees to release Sugoo (and its staff) from all known or unknown, suspicious or unsuspicious, promulgated or non-promulgated claims, request or loss caused by the dispute or related to the dispute in any aspects.

5.4 Sugoo does not warrant the followings:

5.4.1 The Service can meet the requirements and needs of all users

5.4.2 The Service is completely correct, updated, safe and shall not be interrupted

5.4.3 The Service provides correct and reliable results!

5.4.4 The Service can meet all users' expectations with the quality of any products, services, information and other materials

5.4.5 Downloading materials will not cause computer systems ant damage or data loss.

5.4.6 Sugoo doesn't include information about the loss of interest, reputation, data or other immaterial losses (the website is informed whether it is possible or not to compensate the loss).

5.4.7 The transmitted materials or data shall not be changed or accessed without approval.

5.4.8 Other problems caused by any reason (including negligence) related to "Service" shall not occur.

5.5 Sugoo and all users have the right to provide links including other websites addresses or other resources. Sugoo does not control these websites or resources and therefore is not responsible for their usage. Sugoo does not approve or take any responsibility for any content, advertisement, products, services or other information on these websites or obtained from these websites as well as the direct or indirect loss hereby caused.

6. Arbitration

The disputes raised by the Agreement or Sugoo service shall be sent to the arbitration committee in Dalian city of Liaoning province in China, and be arbitrated according to the appointed arbitration rules. Any disputes should be arbitrated separately and shall not be amalgamated with other disputes in any arbitration. Arbitrating is to take place in Dalian city, and the adjudication is to be submitted to the Zhongshan District People's Court of Dalian for forcible execution. You or Sugoo web can look for temporary or preliminary remedy in Dalian city during the arbitration in order to protect you or the rights and property of Sugoo web, comprehensively including the property protection and evidence safety measures.